Collections that create memories.

B.Lazariuc is a celebration of our contrasting styles & personalities, a voice for our vision. Born from a shared desire to translate moods into creations that evoke beauty & empower the women of our world.
Often revisiting the past to create our future, every piece is designed with an injection of nostalgia & a glamorous undertone. Our love for bold prints, luxe fabrics & a flattering silhouette is reflected throughout each collection.
Flirty & feminine. Confident & carefree. Timeless & wearable. A labour of love.

Every piece tells our story.

B.Lazariuc was created by our founder Beatrice Lazariuc in 2018. We are luxury women clothing brand based in Romania , and our products are designed and finished manually here . We don’t make clothes just for support and comfort , we pride ourselves for creating pieces that are made to be shown, pieces that empower women to take the narrative of their own stories. B.Lazariuc’s mission is to make women proud of clothing and to introduce it to your everyday wardrobe. B.Lazariuc’ designs have captured the hearts of Romanian celebrities . Our pieces have been worn by Alina Ceusan , Nicole Cherry , Carmen Grebenisan , Antonia , Alina Eremia , Mira , Laura Giurcanu , Nicoleta Nuca , Raluca Bădulescu and many others.

The designer

It’s because I am B.LAZARIUC, B.LAZARIUC is me… and, at the same time, B.LAZARIUC is the ultimate self-indulgence gift I want to offer women.
B.LAZARIUC is spectacular, different, unique and ‘WOW’, and it’s designed to reflect the best in you.

I’ve always liked simple but versatile clothing that can be successfully incorporated and blended by everyBODY“, says lively BEATRICE LAZARIUC , the enigmatic creative head at the helm of the B.LAZARIUC . For someone who’s so outspoken and vivacious, the candid designer who bares a modern resemblance to movie icon Brigitte Bardot keeps a quiet low profile .

” When it comes to tailoring, I’m a self-taught student who started small, with sewing clothes for myself “, says Beatrice who created B.LAZARIUC in 2018 . She is a fierce, driven and humble perfectionist, simply committed to creating genuine fashion works of art.

” First of all, my designs have to satisfy me, and I am a very hard woman to please. That is why we never stop working on a piece until I feel it is ready to please every woman’s body “, says the passionate designer who’s been said to often pick up the scissors and completely change the details of a dress directly on the mannequin

“There are no perfect silhouettes, there are only clothes that make us feel like we are. Because we are flawless. All, unique, like no other.”

Beatrice Lazariuc